Curriculum vitae

Personal data
Name: (Español) Nivian Montes de Oca Martínez
Birthday: 1 June, 1965
Phone: (53) 47 863206
Fax: (53) 47 861104
Scientific category: Investigador titular
Licenciado en Microbiología, Universidad de La Habana, 1988
Doctor en Ciencias Agrícolas, UNAH, 2004
Work experience

Main results obtained:

As Director of Science, Innovation and Postgraduate of the National Center for Animal and Plant Health and Microbiology Specialist, she has led research and results obtained in the main laboratories of the center among them:

  • Accredited Laboratories of Quality and Food Safety.
  • National Diagnosis Reference Laboratories of Animal and Plant Health. Integrated pest management for chemical reduction.
  • Animal Bacteriology Laboratories where research on Antimicrobial Resistance is carried out on swine and poultry species.
  • Participation of the FAO project “Support for the development of national antimicrobial resistance plans in Latin America and the Caribbean”, which is currently in progress.
  • OIE Collaborating Center (for disaster risk reduction in animal health) and CEDESAP (Center for the reduction of disasters in animals and plants) located in the CENSA.


The results obtained have been published in 50 articles in national and international journals, 12 of them in journals of high impact and visibility in more than 20 national and 16 international events in oral presentations and posters. Given numerous conferences in national and international postgraduate courses and she coordinated training courses for Cuban and foreign professionals and technicians. Professor of quality issues in the following programs: Bachelor and PhDs in the agricultural sector. She has been thesis advisor for Diplomas (10), Masters (4) and PhDs (3).


Principal scientific lines of academic work and training of PhD in:

National and international projects on different topics such as: Bacteriology (1988-1991), Quality Management (1992-), Manufacture of Medicines, Diagnostic products and Biopesticides, (1992-), Quality and Food Safety (2006-) and Knowledge Management, (2010-), Innovation and Development (2012-), Research in human, animal and plant health, focused on One Health.


Participation in International and National Projects:

  • International INCO project. Development of microbial controls for its application in urban and peri-urban agriculture (2002-2006)
  • Project: “Development of Technologies with training of human resources for the improvement of the biocontrol industry” Biological Control Branch Program, Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG). 2007-2008. Leader
  • International project: “Knowledge Base on Good Practices and Quality Management for the Bio-input industry of agricultural production”, CENSA-INIA, Venezuela 2007-2009.
  • International project: “Risk Analysis in a milk and vegetable production chain in Venezuela and Cuba based on the implementation of Good Agricultural and Dairy Practices. CENSA-CIEPE, 2007-2009.
  • National project: “Identification of microbiological hazards in a chain of fresh vegetables in the province of Havana”. PNCT Agricultural Biotechnology, MINAG, 2009-2011. Leader
  • National project: Development of bioactive products for plant health. MINAG, 2013
  • Sericultural development in Cuba and alternatives for industrial linkage. National Program for Animal and Plant Health. MINAG. 2016-2020
  • Improvement of the microbiological quality of fresh artisanal cheeses in six provinces of Cuba. National Program of Human Food. MINAG. 2016-2018.
  • New use of KLAMIC® as a biocontrol for banana and banana vitroplants. National Program of Animal and Plant Health. MINAG. 2016-2020.
  • Microbial inputs for the sustainable management of the main pests of bananas and plantains (MUSA). European Union. 2017-2020.
  • Establishment of the new institutional strategic management model of CENSA. Institutional project CENSA. 2017-2020. Leader.

Other relevant academic and scientific activities developed in the last 5 years:

  • Director of Science, Innovation and Postgraduate (2012- April 2018)
  • Expert of the National Science and Technological Innovation Program of the Ministry of Agriculture “Animal and Plant Health” since 2013
  • Referee of Salud Animal and Protección Vegetal Journals
  • Member of the Technical Advisory Commissions of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba
  • Vicepresident of the Scientific Council of CENSA
  • Member of the Codex Alimentarius Cuba, (2017)
  • Member of the Sugar, Agriculture and Forestry Association of Cuba (ACTAF)
  • Vicepresident of CENSA´s Scientific Council.
  • Advice, consultations and oppositions to different theses, awards, etc.

Awards, recognitions and distinctions received:

  • Order “Carlos J. Finlay”, the highest award granted to Cuban scientists with outstanding scientific activity (2015)
  • Academic Award of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC) Group of authors (1999 and 2007), collaborate in others (2016, 2017).
  • Technological Innovation Award (2)
  • Science, Technology and Environment Ministry (CITMA (8))
  • Public Health Ministry (1)
  • Youth Technical Brigades (2)
  • National Science and Technology Forum (2)
  • ExpoCuba Quality Award ((2) in 2009)
  • Distinction for Education in Cuba (2017)
  • Distinction “Juan Tomás Roig” in Cuba
  • “Forjadores del Futuro” Award to Young researcher
  • Participation in events highlighting the role of women in Science and Innovation

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