Within the framework of the activities for the International Day dedicated to “ONE HEALTH” and to move towards a healthier safer world, the Course-Workshop: “One Health”, a renewed integrative approach to the growing global health risks at the Palace, is convened of the Conventions, Havana, October 12 and 13, 2017.

The CENSA carries out every four years, the International Seminar on Agricultural Health (SISA), an event of a scientific-technical nature for the exchange between researchers, specialists, professors, students and agricultural extension workers in the field of agricultural health, through of the presentation and discussion of current issues.


(Español) A 30 años de la primera aplicación aún SURFACEN® constituye un medicamento novedoso
(Español) CENSA coordina junto a universidad Marta Abreu de las Villas proyecto para mejorar la salud animal y humana.
(Español) Rebosa juventud el VII Taller de Valores en el CENSA
SISA 2019
Hotel Meliá Marina, Varadero
SISA 2015
(Español) SISA 2015
SISA 2011
(Español) SISA 2011