The PhD Program on Plant Health, under the auspices of the National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA), is assigned to the Agrarian University of Havana (UNAH). It aims at contributing to the training of specialists at the highest scientific level with an updated vision of the global and Cuban plant health problems, the main approaches its development has gone through, and the current trends regarding Plant Protection. The program, approved by the National Commission for Scientific Degrees (CNGC) of the Republic of Cuba and in 2016 was acredited as excellence programm by The National Acreditatio Join (JAN) , has a teaching staff of specialists from CENSA and other research centers and universities, recognized nationally and internationally.

Coordinator: Lic. Moraima Suris Campos, PhD.

Scientific degree granted: PhD on Agricultural Sciences.

Modalities: Curricular.

Duration: 4 years in the case of applicants who have started a relevant investigation in relation with thesis topic. Can be do in 3 years according to the Academic Committee’s evaluation

Research lines

[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”Diagnostic and characterization of agricultural pest” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Design and implementation of pest management” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Development of bio-product for plant protection” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]


[censa_lists columns=”three”][censa_item title=”Invertebrates as pests” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Plant Protection” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Phytopathology” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

[censa_tabs active_color=”#c24935″][censa_tab title=”Admission” icon=”fa fa-tasks”]

Admission requirements

[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”University degree title or Official Certification, that certifies this level possession” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Be less than 35 years old. Exceptional cases may be authorized by the Scientific Grade National Commission Plenary” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Approval letter from the Institution Manager where the applicant works” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Research report about the work carried out” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Curriculum vintae” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Approve entrance test” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Show proficiency in reading English” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

[/censa_tab][censa_tab title=”Syllabus” icon=”fa fa-tasks”]


[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”Thesis project.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Foreign Language Proficiency Test (English, French, German or Russian and Spanish for not Spanish- speaking foreign candidates).” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Test on Social Issues in Science and Technology.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Specialty Test.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Teaching-learning method (part or full time).” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Specialized core courses (curricular).” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

[/censa_tab][censa_tab title=”Graduation” icon=”fa fa-tasks”]

Requirements for obtaining the scientific degree

[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”To accumulate the credits required in the program (curricular).” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”To have, at least, two papers published as first author in a refereed international journal, where the research work carried out during the PhD studies is the substantial element.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Presentation of the results of the thesis in two national or international scientific events.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”An essay on Social Issues in Science and Technology applied to the specialty.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”To pass the Foreign Language Proficiency Test (English, French, German or Russian and Spanish for not Spanish- speaking foreign candidates).” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”To pass the Specialty Test.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”A thesis with the results obtained during the development of the research Project.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”To discuss the results of the thesis at the appropriate Technical Advisory Committee, and then, at the Board intended for such purposes.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Defense of the thesis at the appropriate Permanent Board of Animal Health, of the National Commission for Scientific Degrees of Cuba.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]


For further information

Lic. Sandra Cuello Portal, PhD.

Ing. Aleika Iglesia Lozano, PhD.

Teléfono: 53 47 863677

PhD Program on Plant Health