The National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA) and the Latin American Phytopathological Association are pleased to invite you to participate in the III International Seminar on Animal and Plant Health (SISA 2019) and the XX Congress of the Latin American Phytopathological Association to be held in Varadero( Hotel Meliá Marina ), Cuba, May 6-10, 2019, with the major theme “The agricultural sciences for One Health”. This third edition will be especially dedicated to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of CENSA.

Within the frame of the Event, researchers, professors, specialists, students, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and producers from different sectors and countries will debate the strategies and results of the intersectoral and multidisciplinary collaboration work in confronting those problems that affect health of plants, animals, people, and the ecosystem from the communities to scales of greater intervention.

SISA 2019 and the XX Congress of the Latin American Phytopathological Association will be a nice opportunity for academic, scientific and professional exchange, through presentations and discussions of the latest information on:
•Diagnosis and surveillance of diseases and pests in the agricultural sector
•Pest management / disease prevention and control in plant and animal health
•Food safety and innocuity with a productive food chain approach
•Disaster risk reduction and management in the agricultural sector

Contributions related to the following topics will be accepted:
•Diagnosis and epidemiology


•Transboundary, emerging and re-emerging pests and diseases

•Invasive species

•Agricultural simulation modeling

•Intersectoral collaboration for prevention and control of zoonoses

•Antimicrobial resistance

•Immunity and vaccines

•Drug design

•Development and application of bio-pesticides

•Natural products

•Management of ecosystems

•Characterization of multitrophic interactions

•Functional foods, probiotics, and prebiotics

•Microorganisms and food quality

•Food safety and innocuity

•The dairy sector and the sustainability challenges

•Risk analysis

•Hazard, vulnerability and disaster risk

•Resilience to disasters

•Impact and mitigation of climate change

•Quality Management Systems and Biosafety

•Plant and animal health, economy, and social development

•Internationalization. Knowledge negotiation. Technological innovation.

•Continuing professional education and technical training

During the Event, meetings, workshops, symposia, magister lectures, round tables, technical visits and other encounters will be held:
•59th Annual Meeting of the American Phytopathological Society – Caribbean Division (APS-CD)

•III Workshop: “The agricultural sector in the coping of disasters and climate change”

•Pulmonary Surfactant Therapies: A tribute to 25 years of Surfacen saving Cuban baby lives.

There will be an Expositive Fair associated with the Event where the technological advances related to the topics will be exposed.
You are invited to reserve a space in your agendas and participate in SISA 2019 and XX Congress of Latin American Phytopathological Association. It will be very pleasant to have you attend and participate in our Event.

REGISTRATION FEES Delegates*: 450 € (no including Technical Tours)

475 € (including Technical Tours)

Accompanying persons*: 70 € *In Euros (€) or equivalent in CUC (convertible Cuban pesos)


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