OIE accredited and Reference laboratory for the diagnosis of mycoplasmas

Structured and Human Resources

MYCOLAB is structured by two work sections:

  • Diagnosis of mycoplasmas affecting animals.
  • Detection of these microorganisms as contaminants of biotechnology products of medical and veterinary application.

Analitical basis

acreditación MYCOLABMYCOLAB has verified and calibrated equipment covering 16 microbiological tests in the field of classical and molecular microbiology, either for the diagnosis of mycoplasmas in poultry, swine, cattle and other species of interest or for the certification of biotechnological products.

Its technical competence is based on a strict compliance of the ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 requirements, which allowed the acreditation of eight (8) tests and the use of certified reference materials.

Educational and Scientific-Technical services

MYCOLAB offers services related to the detection of contaminanting mycoplasmas in sera, cell cultures, biological products and vaccines for both veterinary and human use. It also offers services for the detection and characterization in clinical samples of mycoplasmas affecting birds, pigs and cattle.

The results reported ensure the traceability required and demonstrate the strictly validated microbiological processes. Each test has its respective internal controls ensuring the reliability and credibility of the work done. The laboratory also offers courses to both pre and postgraduate training.

International activities

MYCOLAB, as Reference Laboratory of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), has developed an important group of advices and trainings to Latin American and African countries. Its staff of researchers takes part in different international projects.

For further information

Dra. Evelyn Lobo Rivero, PhD.


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