Trail center for food control and quality

Structure an human resources

CENLAC is structured as follows: Physical-Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Chemistry-Analytical Unit for special analyses. It covers five laboratories: Automatic analysis of milk microbiology (bacteria and somatic cells), Physical-Chemistry, Microbiology, Analytical Unit, Mineral Analysis and Molecular Genetics

Laboratorio acreditadoCENLAC has a highly automated analytical basis, covering 34 analytical procedures in the field of food quality and safety, both for human and animal consumption.

Its technical competence is based on a strict compliance of NC-ISO-IEC 17025: 2006 requirements, which allowed accrediting 21 analytical procedures, including 17 with flexible scope for various food matrices.

Analytical technical services

CENLAC offers services related to the quality of food for human and animal consumption, microbiological safety, as well as the determination of residues and contaminants in them, covering matrices of milk, dairy products, meat products, fish, grains, flour, feed concentrates, among others. The results reported ensure the traceability required and demonstrate the strictly validated analytical procedures. Each test is evaluated by means of control samples, ensuring reliability and credibility.

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International activity

CENLAC has developed extensive activities such as advices, trainings and technology transfers supported by FAO, Art Gold PNUD program, the Cooperation South-South IDEASS program and the Regional Organization for Animal Health (OIRSA) in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has been recognized by all these international organizations.


It is a National Dairy Laboratory Network that provides information of the Cuban dairy sector and foods in general. It is coordinated by CENLAC and CENSA and has a Website available in

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