Trail Center for the Reduction of Sanitary Disasters in Animals and Plants.

CEDESAP was created in June 29th, 2005, following the experiences of its predecessor, the Veterinary Center for the Prevention of Disaster (CVPCD), founded in 1990. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) and the National Staff of the Civil Defense (EMNDC) of the Republic of Cuba.

CENSA is also an Accredited Center by the Civil Defense of Cuba for studies on hazard, vulnerability and risk of sanitary disasters in the agricultural sector.

Activities developed

[censa_lists columns=”three”][censa_item title=”Preparation for risk reduction and management of disasters impacting on animal health, veterinary public health and animal welfare.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Studies on hazard, vulnerability and risk of sanitary disasters: Risk reduction plans for sanitary disasters in animals and crops of economic interest.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Courses and trainings for diagnosing transboundary, emerging and reemerging diseases.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Application of new tools for the epidemiological analysis.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Development of prevention and control programs.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Molecular Epidemiology Studies.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Joint research projects.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

Intersectorial and multidisciplinary network

CEDESAP-REDesastres is a virtual center with the participation of CENSA´S specialists in Epidemiology, Microbiology, Pest Management, Quality and Scientific-Technical Information specialists.

Through REDesastres, the efforts of agricultural universities, research centers, and productive institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), the Ministry of Fisheries (MIP), and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) are coordinated, among other stakeholders involved in the management of sanitary disasters. The territorial Reduction and Disaster Risk Management Centers (CRGRD) participate in the network; they are also part of the System of the Civil Defense Measurements of the country.

Through a distribution list (, the updated information about the international sanitary situation and the scientific-technical developments in the diagnosis, prevention and control of transboundary, emerging and reemerging diseases concerning the agricultural sector, is spread.

The epidemiological surveillance of the international sanitary information is focused on “ONE HEALTH” through a holistic approach to the diverse factors that interact and affect animal, plant and human health in this globalized environment.

In the Webpage there is more information about the activities developed, as well as news and comments of experts disseminated through REDesastres. Your application for registration to the list can be done by a message to  Maria Irian Percedo,DrC and Mayra Rodríguez,DrC.

For further information

Maria Irian Percedo,DrC

Mayra Rodríguez,DrC.