A rapid and reliable diagnosis

CENMAST® is a chemical reagent used for the diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in any dairy species: cattle, goats, or buffaloes. It is an important point in reactivating the disease control measures and as a criterion for the quality of milk.

[censa_lists columns=”three”][censa_item title=”It is used in milk of individual quarters from animals and tanks.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”It can be used in the field during milking or in the laboratory.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”It works similarly to California Mastitis Reagent..” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

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[censa_lists columns=”three”][censa_item title=”In a plastic palette, add 2 mL of milk from each udder quarter or samples from bulk tank milk.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Add an equal amount of CENMAST® reagent. Mix carefully through circular movements.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Observe the reaction between 10 and 15 seconds.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]
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If a yellowish color develops during the test, a warning of “acid milk” must be added to the results.
If a deep purple color develops during the tests, a warning of “alkaline milk” must be added to the results.

Storage and stability

The product should be kept at room temperatures below 30°C in cool dry places. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Stability: 22 months after the date of manufacture.


Flask of 750 mL for 330 determinations (ready for use)
Sensitivity: 96.1%
Specificity: 97.2%
Efficacy: 96.5%
Color: Purple

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