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STABILAK® activates the lactoperoxidase enzyme in milk, transforming thiocyanate ions. These compounds have a bacteriostatic or bactericidal effect according to the microorganisms present in the milk.

It is used for keeping the quality of raw milk of cattle, goats and buffaloes:

[censa_lists columns=”three”][censa_item title=”Transportation over long distances.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Temporary lack of cooling.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”For prolonged storage sites.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

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[censa_lists columns=”four”][censa_item title=”Step 1: Open a sachet of STABILAK® 1 and add the content to the milk.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Step 2: Shake for one minute.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Step 3: Open a sachet of STABILAK® 2 and add the content to the milk.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Step 4: Shake again for two minutes … and ready!.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

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Effect time

From 8 to 24 hours depending on:

[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”The quality of milk at milking time.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Hygiene in the handling of milk.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Cleaning the storage tank.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Room temperature.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]


[censa_tabs active_color=”#c24935″][censa_tab title=”Sachet D-50L” icon=”fa fa-angle-double-down”]Dose designed for small producers who collect milk in containers with volumes next to 40 liters. (25-75L of milk).[/censa_tab][censa_tab title=”Sachet D-500L ” icon=”fa fa-angle-double-down”]Dose designed for trucks and collecting tanks in mechanized milking systems. (250-750L of milk).[/censa_tab][/censa_tabs]

STABILAK® has been used in Cuba since 1992. It also has been used in Africa, Asia and in more than 30 Latinamerican countries.


[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”Never invert the addition order of STABILAK® 1 and 2.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Be sure that all the sachet content is added.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Open the sachet only in the moment of its use.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Keep the product far from humid places.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Do not operate the product with wet hands.” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

STABILAK® does not exclude the application of Good Hygiene Practices during the milking process and milk handling. Neither excludes the use of pasteurization.

Buenas prácticas durante el ordeño

[censa_alert text=”The product does not damage human health and it does not affect either taste, odor, color of the milk or the manufacture of dairy products. Approved by Codex Alimentarius.” style=”censa-info”]

For further information

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