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The Journal Protección Vegetal is a scientific publication published by the National Center for Animal and Plant Health (CENSA). Uninterruptedly, it is published quarterly since 1981 including original and review papers related to Plant Health.

Its mission is to publish the results of researches on plant health with current topics related to:

[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”Biology” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Pest management” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Diagnosis and identification of organisms harmful to plants” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Population and epidemiological studies of pests” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Statistical modelling and use of ICT in Plant Health” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Agricultural extension work” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Multitrophic interactions” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Development of biological control agents” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Pathogen characterization, pest resistance” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

Different formats are accepted:

[censa_lists columns=”two”][censa_item title=”Original Paper” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Short Communication” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Letter to the Editor” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Review Article” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][censa_item title=”Technical Note” icon=”fa fa-angle-right”][/censa_lists]

It also includes announcements of scientific-technical events, products, phytosanitary services, among others.

It is indexed in internationally recognized Databases such as:

[censa_button size=”small” url=”http://search.ebscohost.com/” text=”EBSCO” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”] [censa_button size=”small” url=”” text=”CubaCiencias” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”] [censa_button size=”small” url=”http://www.latindex.org/buscador/ficRev.html?opcion=2&folio=1812″ text=”latindex” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”] [censa_button size=”small” url=”http://www.cabi.org/publishing-products/online-information-resources/review-of-plant-pathology/” text=”Review of Plant Pathology” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”] [censa_button size=”small” url=”http://www.cabi.org/” text=”CABI” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”]  [censa_button size=”small” url=”http://scielo.sld.cu/scielo.php?script=sci_serial&pid=1010-2752&lng=es&nrm=iso” text=”SciELO” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”] [censa_button size=”small” url=”http://periodica.unam.mx/F?func=find-b-0&local_base=per01″ text=”Periodica” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”]  [censa_button size=”small” url=”https://doaj.org/toc/2224-4697″ text=”DOAJ” bg_color=”#7baa3d” border_color=”#7baa3d” font_color=”#fff” open_new_tab=”true”]

The Journal Protección Vegetal keeps exchange relationships with 74 domestic and foreign related institutions, including universities, research centers and laboratories. Likewise, donations with 17 entities are performed. Among the countries of greatest demand are Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela.

The papers are submitted to revision by national and international experts and specialists in scientific paper writing from different institutions. They are freely published for the authors. Papers in Spanish and English are accepted from all the countries with relevant research results in the field of plant health. An abstract in both languages is included.

It has an Editorial Board composed of well-known researchers and teachers, ensuring the technical quality and content of the journal.

The subscription of the CD version of the journal is free. To purchase a CD containing the entire volume of a year contact this e-mail: comercial@censa.edu.cu

The SciELO online version of the journal is prepared using a methodology developed by the Project FAPESP/BIREME Electronic Journals. All materials published on this site are free.


The journal is recognized at the National Register of Serial Publications
Printed version: ISSN 1010-2752
Electronic version: ISSN 2224-4697  RPNS: 2247
CD-ROM: ISSN 2305-8161

For further information

Lic. Juana Belkis Peteira Delgado-Oramas, PhD.

Lic. Yudit Roque García, MSc. 

Journal Protección Vegetal